Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You can't see me

You can't see me
You can't hear me
But you can feel me.

And I can feel, like you.
I am a part of you
an individual.

You don't know me,
not yet,
But you will
That is,
If I survive.

I've never done anything wrong
I've never tried to harm you
I just am.
You participated in my coming to be.

There are bits of you in me
I will have your hair, your eyes, your smile.
It's all recorded in my little body.
I am a lot like you
A piece of you was used to create me.

But I am small
I am vulnerable
I need you.

You were small once,
You understand.

But now you are grown,
Maybe one day I will be loved
Or do you love me now?

Someone does.
Someone created me.
I am no accident.
I am valuable.

Please don't forget about me.
Even if you try
You won't forget.
I am a part of you
an individual.

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