Friday, March 19, 2010

A letter to those who fight for the Unborn

Dear Defender of the Defenseless,

Thank you for your time, and all that you do to save lives.  Amid all the sadness and evil that happens in our world today, you give me great joy and hope in knowing that someone out there believes that all precious lives are sacred and worth saving. 

Not only do you save lives, but you protect the dignity of all human beings.  If our world continues to believe that even one of us is dispensable, then the dignity and self-worth of all of us deteriorates.  Giving the mother the right to abort devalues all life, reducing each person’s life to a mere choice.  Our intrinsic value stems from the fact that we are human—we are valuable because we are, not because we are convenient, wanted, or allowed to let live.  The fact is that as long as abortion remains legal, society tells us that we are worth nothing until our mothers decide to keep us.  It is deeply saddening to know that there are those out there so blinded by the ideological mask of “choice” that they would take choice over life, convenience over dignity, self-interest over love. Those who proudly profess themselves as “pro-choice” have done themselves a great injustice, declaring their mothers’ right to choose more valuable than their own lives.  The fact that abortion remains legal is unjust to all children, all mothers, all people—you, me, and even those who stand by its legality. 

Knowing that you fight for the lives of those whom you may never meet, and who may never even know they had a savior, gives me great hope.  I realize my own value and dignity as a person, knowing that people like you would have fought for my life without knowing me.  You who proudly profess yourself as pro-life will be called fanatics, hated, persecuted, and blamed for violence even while you strive to end perhaps the greatest violence know to man.  You inspire me to reach out and help, to use my own precious, God-given life to fight for the helpless, innocent, most vulnerable children in the womb.  You are a visible Army in this fight against that which wages War on the Unborn, and I thank you immensely.  I am valuable because I am uniquely me, and I thank you for standing up for me.  I am a Survivor of the War on the Unborn, and I will proudly stand with you to defend the defenseless.

Thank you sincerely,
Diana Leslie

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