Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Live in the Light

I am surrounded by ignorance.

People choose to remain ignorant of the Truth because they don't want to admit they are wrong.

They know they won't be reprimanded by society; they will be accepted, even praised, for their wrongdoing.

No one holds anyone accountable anymore.

Everyday I see people abandoning their values.  Men and women live together without being married; people have sex before they are married; couples use birth control; people lie and cheat because they know they won't get caught; men and women gossip about others as if their lives were nothing more than entertainment; teens yell at their parents and show no respect; adults go to strip clubs and adult video stores.

Yet no one tells them they are wrong.  It is all accepted.

If we looked deep down, we would know we were wrong.  We all have bits of the Truth somewhere hidden in our hearts.

Don't hide from the Truth.  Don't remain in darkness.  Don't purposefully stay ignorant to avoid responsibility.

Live in the Light.

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