Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why are we silent?

My husband asked me the other day why more people didn't care about the babies in the womb.  Children are dying and yet people, even priest and ministers are silent on the issue.  Men and women say that they are pro-life or that they would never choose to have an abortion themselves, yet they are apathetic or afraid and don't speak out.

Instead, we choose problems like animal cruelty or saving the environment to focus on, instead of putting the lives of human beings first.

We are afraid to admit the sadness and horror of what happens when 3,700 lives are lost each day in America.  We are scared to believe that such barbarianism can happen in our home country.  We let the "law" tell us that it is okay, and choose to stay silent because we don't want to "cause problems".

But it was the people who were not silent who ended slavery.  It was people who would not stand by that ended the world war and the terror on the Jews.  It was the people who spoke out that spread Christianity and brought God's Truth to the ends of the earth, despite grave persecution.

This problem is real.  This problem is big.  This problem brings death.  But we know that we are on the side of Truth, and we have no need to be afraid.  Why are we silent?

(Picture depicts baby at five months, pre-born.  From priestsforlife.org)

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