Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts on Paper 2

Sometimes I feel targeted
As if people are afraid of me
Like I am an enemy
They must destroy me

Are my words harsh?
Are they bullets that pierce the flesh?
The soul?
Are people afraid that what I have to say will hurt them?

Do they not see that I am trying to help them?
I bring hope, love


They see me as a soldier for the other side
But I am a warrior for them
For their hearts
Laboring to bring them to the good side

Yet they fight me
They target me with their speech
Firing back their weapons in defense against me

One day they will see
These words are not my own
They are The Word, The Truth

The pain of these words is a pain of healing

The battle I fight is a war for them
A struggle against that which wages war on the heart
Targets the soul
A crusade against Deception

I am a target
These words are winning.

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