Thursday, May 6, 2010


the day dawns purple
this dreary day
when the clouds mask the sun
     like a black veil drawn over a beautiful face

purple presses, heavy on the clouds
     a messenger of the commencing storm
closing in like a cage upon the earth
purple is my prison

 purple mocks me
with its message of royalty
a crown and a robe
     fluttering lightly, softly swishing as I fall
     whispering taunts
that keep in time with the flickering purple shadow
     smirking as it trails along behind

purple is my suffering
     a man betrayed
beaten, crushed
for no fault of my own
offenses bear heavy upon my shoulder
affliction constricts my chest
bruises stain my body
purple paints my knees
     my pain; my marks of love,
of passion,
     of strength,
          of victory
purple is my sacrifice
for you, a sinner
     whom I love

twilight breaks purple
this still night
when the moon rests large and gold on the horizon
     a nightlight amid the blanket of darkness
     that lays me gently to rest

the day dawns purple
this glorious day
when the new sun beckons me awake
I rise, unbroken

purple lifts me

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